Exterior Painting

The exterior of your home is naturally the first thing most people notice. Your job of keeping up your homes exterior is made all the more difficult by Maryland’s four seasons. Nueslein Painting & Contracting LTD is a company that knows what it takes to deliver a high-quality product that will last – it is because we have been doing it in the same area for 70 years.

  • The grounds around the house are protected from damage caused by ladders.
  • Drops are used to protect the plants and flowers from paint and chips.
  • Peeling paint is removed by scraping and then sanded to minimize the imperfections.
  • All surfaces where necessary are primed with a premium acrylic or alkyd primer/sealer.
  • Joints in trim are always caulked, holes puttied- whatever is needed to provide the best appearance once the finish coat has been applied.