Exterior Paint and Window Treatment – Original Northwood, Baltimore City

Here, the siding was washed with TSP and rinsed to remove degraded finish on aluminum siding. Then the siding received one complete coat of acrylic primer/sealer. The windows had the old glazing removed, scraped, and sanded. After a complete coat of primer, the windows were re-glazed and a new acrylic semi-gloss finish coat was applied. Then the siding received one complete coat of exterior satin paint in White, and the new Latticework was installed.

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Deck Refinishing – Owings Mills, Baltimore County

Here, Cabot’s Problem Solver Wood Cleaner was applied to the mahogany deck with a pump sprayer and scrubbed by hand with a deck brush. After the preparation, the deck received one complete coat of Cabot’s Australian Timber Oil in Jarrah Brown.

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Facelift – Exterior Painting for our local retailer gem, Paradiso. Hampden, Baltimore City

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Exterior Paint – Hamilton/Laurelville, Baltimore City

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Deck Refinishing – Upperco, Baltimore County

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Exterior Painting – A more modern and sophisticated statement.

Here the brick on the chimney was washed with a pressure washer to remove accumulated soot from the fireplace. The brick was primed with Sherwin Williams Loxon Concrete and Masonry Primer tinted 50% of the new vinyl siding. After priming Sherwin Williams Loxon XP Masonry Coating was tinted to match the vinyl and applied by brush and roller. The windows and trim received one complete coat of Benjamin Moore Fresh Start followed by one complete coat of Sherwin Williams Super Paint Gloss in White. Timonium, Baltimore County

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Exterior Painting – Baldwin, Maryland  – Baltimore County

Here the old, degraded Aluminum siding was prepared with 3O Second Outdoor Painters Prep and rinsed with a pressure washer. The siding was rolled and back brushed with Benjamin Moore Fresh Start High Hiding All Purpose Primer followed by Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec EXT Satin in White. The window sashes received one complete coat of Ultra Spec Gloss in White, and the shutters received two complete coats of Sherwin Williams All Purpose Enamel Gloss in Black.